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live prophetic painting

What Is Prophetic Art?

"Simply put, prophetic art is ‘creating art with God’. It's this beautiful dance where, as artists, we do the thing that God has put on our heart through our creative process...It's about continually cultivating ears to hear, eyes to see, and senses to feel what God is saying and doing within your world.”

— Matt Tommey

My Process

Sometimes my process begins with an urge to paint a specific subject matter. When I take time and sit with the Lord, He will give me insight into what the specific subject matter means at the moment and then verses from His Word to accompany the vision. Often, I translate the verses into Hebrew and incorporate them into the artwork.  Other times, the meaning for a specific subject matter isn't revealed to me right away, and confirmation comes for certain people who encounter the work, especially when I'm painting "live" during a public worship setting.  

The Lord uses my prophetic paintings to encourage and love-on people in a way that is meaningful to them individually — It becomes a part of their testimony.  What blesses me the most is to see the Lord at work in His relationship with others, and I get to be a part of it.  The Lord's kindness and goodness never cease to amaze me!


Samples Of My Live Worship Art

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